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How it works


Ages 6 months and younger: Our work with me space allows parents to have their infants of less than 6 months next to them as they work. It is designed to accommodate breastfeeding and pumping mothers.

Ages 7 years and younger:  Children 7 year and younger can participate in our supervised childcare program. Our classrooms are designed to foster children’s natural curiosity and imagination. With laid out activity centers (STEM, Literacy, Music and Art and Practical Life), children work through a themed curriculum each week while socializing and creating a community of their own.  We are open year round and during most school and federal holidays (all holidays are posted on the calendar). Each day is filled with planned fun activities, crafts and interactive play.

Your children will love:

  • Learning through fun interactive child centered activities
  • Building and creating projects based on seasonal themes
  • Dancing and singing
  • Playing outside (weather permitting)
  • Socializing, Connecting and creating community

You can book a two or four hour session each day. We offer flexible options to meet your family schedule and budget. The Calendar is updated in real time and a wait list is available daily. Please check the calendar for up to date availability.

Members and non-members may use the classroom sessions for up to four hours each day with a minimum of 2 hours per day.

Ages 7 years and older: Children older than 7 will have a dedicated parent supervised area after school. Home schooled children will also have a dedicate space.


Children will engage in different fun learning activities in a child centered, teacher guided atmosphere. We have a curriculum that encourages the love for learning and exploration.

  • Literacy Center: Story time, writing, reading area, letters, words activities and puzzles
  • STEM Center: Manipulatives, Lego, blocks, building activities, experiments
  • Practical Life: Dress up area, Shopping,
  • Art and Music Center: Painting, creating master pieces from objects in our environment, musical instruments

Flexplay is a community of parents who are working around their family needs. Our coworking space includes: Semi private work stations, lounge, conference/meeting spaces, a space to work with your infant.

We offer you:

  • A place to work uninterrupted for up to four hours each day
  • Complimentary coffee/tea
  • Connections with like-minded parents
  • Participation in business and personal care workshops and events
  • Benefit from other organizations in the building by participating in workshops

You can use our co-working spaces even on days you do not have your children with you.

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